An update on the Pixie Project

The extra 47 advance copies of ‘Beautiful You’ will be mailed today. My thanks to everyone who contributed to helping the Pixie Project in its on-going effort to rescue dogs and cats.

Read an excerpt from BEAUTIFUL YOU!


Chuck’s upcoming novel BEAUTIFUL YOU doesn’t come out until October 21st. But you can read an excerpt from the book today! Click below for more.

Update on The Pixie Project

My apologies.  I forgot to post an update regarding the advance reader copies of ‘Beautiful You.’  The Pixie Project has compiled almost all the donor names and addresses, and I’ll be receiving the books soon.  By Friday I should be dropping the first ones in the mail.  My thanks to everyone who’s helping rescue cats and dogs and give them better lives. 

Chuck’s Books Reimagined As Insane Concert Posters!
via Flavorwire -

Chuck’s Books Reimagined As Insane Concert Posters!

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heymelloncollie said: Thank you for taking the time to talk to fans in this manner. It's been incredible and inspiring to read your responses to these questions! The only thing I have to ask: how do you think social media and thus fan's feeling of entitlement to interaction and information plays into the literary world today?

Thank you in return.  Today’s posts seem to be getting more hostile and vague.  Let’s call it a day.

Thank you, but Chuck has left the building. 

Anonymous said: is this the real chuck palahnuik or is this a fan-run page?

What a tedious aspect of this blog. 

How come you never come to meetings anymore? Last Sunday of the month. You know how to find us.

My Response:  Is this Santa Cupcake?

megwill21 said: Chuck, at last year's SDCC you met my boyfriend's mentor. After talking to her for a bit, you suggested a game... 6 months later, a package came in the mail with all sorts of treasures from your life, ranging from a skull piggy bank to a handmade geode necklace, and a personalized letter explaining why all these treasures made it into the box. I think you should know that your gesture was the single greatest thing that happened to my boyfriend that year. The fetus keychain was a nice touch.

Excellent!  I remember the professor.  He was in Seattle for the AWP.  Please tell your boyfriend that I’m thrilled that he was thrilled.  And those key chains are creepy.  How’d he like the very-decorated box?  Hot glue is my evil ally! 

popsicill said: Hello Chuck, I enjoy your books very much. Do you have any insight on how to cope with the death of a loved one? Thanks in advance. ❤

Once the death occurs, commit yourself to a huge project that will keep you busy as time passes.  Only time will resolve your feelings of loss.  Also look for the freedom that comes from loss, the death of my parents was awful, but part of me knew that it would leave me more liberated than I’d been.  Stay well.

kimiisstellar said: Hi, this may seem straightforward but I love you. Here's my question. If you could be one of your characters in real life, who would it be and if it could crossover and live in a different book, what book would it be?

I wouldn’t mind being either Tyler or Oyster — note the similarity in the names?   Someone of total arrogance and self assurance.  That’s the dream.